Current grants include:

HORIZON-MISS-2023-CANCER-01 grant: HIT-GLIO - Targeting tumour-host interactions in paediatric malignant gliomas to reinvigorate immunity and improve radio- and immunotherapy efficacy. 

TREMENDOS: The role of microglia in the effects of environmental enrichment in neurodegenerative disorders,  2022-2025;

ERA-NET TransCan3: “Invigorating immunity against brain metastases in lung and breast cancer patients”, 2021-2024

NCN OPUS: Determining the heterogeneity of the immune microenvironment experimental gliomas with a defined genotype and their responses to immunotherapy using single cell multi-omics, 2021-2024;

NCN OPUS: VPS10P domain receptors in phenotypic polarization of astrocytes and microglia in the diseased brain, 2021-2025;

ERA-NET EuroNanoMed III iNanoGun: Reactivation of antitumor immune responses in gliomas using nanotechnology based targeted delivery, 2021-2024;

NCN OPUS: Regulation of chromatin accessibility in the hypoxic tumour microenvironment of glioblastoma, 2020-2023;

FNP HOMING: New players in glia biology: VPS10P proteins as sorting receptors in astrocytes and microglia, 2019-2021;

NCN OPUS: Epigenetic mechanisms determining the defective innate immunity responses in malignant gliomas, 2018-2021;

Completed grants:

TEAM TECH CORE FACILITY FNP: Development of comprehensive diagnostics and personalized therapy in neuro-oncology, 2017-2020;

NCN Harmonia: Resolving structure and functions of RECQL4 and BLM helicases to understand consequences of deleterious genetic alterations in glioma pathogenesis, 2017-2019;

ERANET NEURON-095: Synaptic dysfunction in disorders of the central nervous system Microglial control of synaptic function in stress response and vulnerability to depression, (MicroSynDep) 2018-2020;

EURONANOMED: Nanotechnology based immunotherapy for glioblastoma, the Horizon 2020 – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2017-2020;

POLONEZ 3:  Identification of epigenetic mechanisms contributing to glioma drug resistance. 2017 - 2020; PI - J. Mieczkowski;

NCBiR STRATEGMED 3: EPIMARKER: Application of novel diagnostic and therapeutical methods in epilepsy and neurodevelopmental abnormalities in children based on the clinical and cellular model of mTOR dependent epilepsy, 2016-2019;

NCBiR STRATEGMED 3: GLIOMED: Molecular diagnostics of gliomas based on circulating cell-free DNA, 2016-2019;

ARSEP Foundation and AFMTELETHON: Myeloid-derived suppressor cells and disease aggressiveness: a novel cell therapy to accelerate myelin repair in multiple sclerosis, 2017-2018; with Dr. Diego Clemente, National Hospital for Paraplegics, Finca "La Peraleda", Toledo, Spain and Fabian Fabian Docagne (University of Caen, France);

Polish-Indian collaborative project: Dissecting the association of miRNAs with mitochondria state and its involvement in mitochondria-mediated inflammation in brain ischemia, 2017-2018; with Dr. Rajesh Singh, Department of Biochemistry, The M S University of Baroda, India;

Symfonia 3 UMO-2015/16/W/NZ2/0013: Atlas of brain regulatory regions and regulatory networks - a novel systems biology approach to pathogenesis of selected neurological disorders, 2015-2019.